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At Hyster, we recognize that each and every work environment and application requirement could be different. We have customers in a wide array of businesses that inspire us to offer a very diverse array of materials handling product solutions. No matter what the environmental conditions are or what your business is we have a machinery to suit your needs and get tasks done efficiently. We have built trusting relationships between service, manufacturing and promotion teams so that we could assure you that all equipment are made to the highest quality standards and that you will be given the ongoing support you require when you have a Hyster machine on your work site.

From the initial concept and design to the production and sale of the equipment, each and every machinery that Hyster markets will go through a nine stage development process. Each stage of the development process has been established to guarantee product quality over the lifetime of the machine. Hyster testing centers can simulate the life cycle of a lift truck to ensure that the machinery performs as intended and that it lasts.

To start with, Hyster performs a lot of research concerning customer requirements to be certain that we know what our clients really want. This research is then used to product design. Designs are built using cutting edge computer aided design systems that help to reduce the risk of weak points and ensure that positioning of each part is optimal for both service requirements and performance. Prototypes are then built in cooperation with experts and specialists in ergonomics and compartment design. Each and every component and prototype is put through rigorous life cycle testing to find and correct any issues which may lessen the life of a machine or a component to a less than optimal level. When a machine comes out of the testing stage of development, we want to be certain that it would work to a high standard. Testing in real life settings is also carried out so that we could gather more data on the performance of the machinery and be confident that it would meet the standards needed to get the job done.

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