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Dual Fuel Engine
DF or Duel Fuel Engines are the type of engines which could work on a mixture of gas fuel or diesel fuel or it can work on diesel fuel alone. Duel Fuel engines are not able to run on gas alone because they do not have an ignition system, nor do they have any spark plugs.

Since diesel is not a pure gas, and it is not a pure diesel designed engine, it has some disadvantages in the department of Methane slippage as well as fuel efficiency.. For instance, the fuel efficiency could be 5% to 8% less than in a comparable lean-burn, spark-ignited engine at 100% load. It could even be greater on lower loads.

Lift Truck Fuel Sources and Classifications
There are certain applications that have proved a challenge for the forklift. For example, scrap metal is among these issues. To be able to successfully handle items like this requires using the right type of machine for the task.

In this write-up, the 7 major lift truck classes are discussed, including the power sources like hydrogen fuel cell, liquid propane gas, electric, gasoline and diesel. The power source is linked to several of these particular classes. The main power sources for forklifts consist of Gasoline, Battery, Diesel, Propane and Fuel Cell.

Electric powered trucks are the most popular, mostly Class I, II and class III forklifts. Internal combustion engines are more popular in Classes IV and V. The most common electric power source is the lead-acid battery. Among internal combustion trucks, about over 90% are propane powered.

The most popular power source for lift trucks is battery. Battery fueled units make up roughly 60 percent of the new forklifts sold within the United States. Their benefits comprise: less maintenance requirements, quiet operation, the ability to be used outside and inside with no harmful emissions.

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Forklift Parts
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