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Toyota's lift trucks feature better ergonomics, durability, visibility and hence more efficiency. More significantly than those impressive features, Toyota remains the leader in safety technology.

Toyota offers a great warranty protection plan that covers 12 months or 2,000 hours from the date of installation. This warranty comprises labor when the original component was installed by the dealer, or the remainder of any new applicable new machine warranty, whichever is greater. This standard is offered on the majority of units. Toyota's warranty prices differ on some units, so be certain to go to your local Toyota dealer to know the details.

Competitive Pricing
When comparing Toyota Genuine Parts, price is not the only aspect in the whole equation. Keep in mind that Toyota offers proven performance in engineering and total quality. Do not be fooled by several of the lower end products on the market. These types of units are made with poorer quality parts which could result in void U.L ratings and void Toyota warranties.

Toyota Oil Filter
Toyota's patented "Crystal Tape" filter element is a revolutionary design which features a 2-stage setup. This unique design allows the filter service area to fit in a much smaller space. This allows the filter to trap more contaminants and provide for a longer service life. Genuine Toyota Parts are not only made to last, but they are competitively priced as opposed to the other market names. If you are not completely certain, just check out the Toyota Total Value for yourself.

Total Value That Really Lasts
The Toyota Total Value Story, as you have experienced so far, is somewhat unique. This Value Story is a component of each and every Toyota Genuine Part which you purchase. Toyota components are both designed and engineered to be as original and strong as the actual component it is replacing. These parts are supported by a top-of-the-line distribution facility and system.

The company has set up a great system for its many processes including: design and research, engineering and manufacturing processes. Toyota is entirely devoted to establishing much higher standards while being able to implement the newest technology. The engineers at Toyota listen to customer feedback and attempt to improve every fleet and their units with operator comfort and attention to detail in mind. These machines are popular throughout the globe since they perform in an exceptional way and maintain their value, regardless of their environment.

Toyota has a range of experience and an expansive dealer network that cannot be matched. They try to excel in maintaining an excellent level of customer service and please their customers.

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